How to Buy Bitcoin with Peer to Peer Networks

  1. Sign up for paypal above
  2. You can Fund paypal with bank, credit card, or apply for paypal credit
  3. Go to the top "Buy Bitcoin with PayPal" link
  4. Join site and select pay with paypal
  5.  Carefully read their instructions.
  6.  Bitcoin is held safely in Escrow .
  7. Download exodus wallet
  8. Carefully read their instructions.
  9.  Download and Explore Abra in-wallet exchanges.
  10. Sign up, send Bitcoin to the exchange wallet.

BUY Secure escrow peer to peer bitcoin purchase instantly!

  • Buy Bitcoin in Honolulu
  • Bitcoin wallet in Kailua-Kona
  • Buy Bitcoin in Kahului

Taking part in the explosive growth of Bitcoin  has been challenging but there are solutions for the everyday person in Hawaii and beyond. Above are the easiest and most secure avenues for residents of Hawaii to get Bitcoin. Careful analysis and tracking of the industry has shown that peer to peer escrow is secure and conveniently lets you purchase as little as $20 dollars of Bitcoin.

Best Known Method for Hawaii residents

  1. Join uphold. It is an internet based bank that will allow you to connect you bank account  and purchase Bitcoin
  2. Download the ABRA app on your phone and use this exchange to buy and store other crypto currencies
  3. Download The EXODUS wallet for desktop computers. Use this to store and exchange to multiple other cryptos.
  4. Remember: Hard wallets are the safest option for crypto storage. Trezor is a good option.

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