How to BUY Bitcoin  Basic guide Staff pick easy read 2017
    • Hawaii regulations treat bitcoin like a financial instrument. which means almost all of the Big companies that sell Bitcoin and other cryptos around the world cannot serve Hawaii residents.
    • Sign up Here to buy bitcoins instantly
    • If you have tried to buy from or similar sites you know they simply will not do business with you if you are a Hawaii resident.
    • READ THIS ARTICLE to learn  about restricted access of bitcoin for Hawaii residents
    • The GOOD News!!! Established Peer to Peer Networks!
    • Peer to peer Bitcoin networks are still allowed.
    • 48 states can just turn on their computer and buy bitcoin and Etherium no problem with all sorts of payment methods. Not Hawaii though.
    • Hawaii residents can still legally buy from other individuals using bank transfers, Credit cards, PayPal, and gift card swaps which can be successfully and legally done on the peer to peer networks linked through out this site
    • go to the home page click the "Buy Bitcoin" buttons to go to networks
    • join / sign up
    • look for a seller that takes your preferred payment method
    • follow all instructions and don't worry! The sellers BTC are being held in escrow by the Peer to Peer site . Neither will be released until you have received your BTC to your wallet!
    • If using our "Buy Bitcoins instantly" link you will be automatically matched up with a seller
    • once you receive your Bitcoin hold it safely never share your private address key or work on a computer that has malware

HOW TO Bitcoin Exchanges  Basic guide Staff pick easy read 2017
  • A Cryptocurrency exchange allows you to trade your bitcoin in for  paper currencies or another cryptocurrency that are listed there; such as Etherium.
  • First sign up and get verified. One of the best is Binance. This process can be lengthy. Getting verified may take a day or a couple weeks. this is normal.
  • once you are verified you can sign in and "Fund" your account.
  • send your Bitcoin to your exchange accounts public bitcoin address key. Always double check this address is imputed correctly!!!
  • wait for confirmation. it is common to wait 45 minutes to 24 hours for your funds to appear. there is a way to check on this process by using the Bitcoin Block explorer online
  •  Both Bitcoin and Etherium are often used this way.


HOW TO Bitcoin wallets  Basic guide Staff pick easy read 2017
  • when you buy bitcoins from the web site you receive a Bitcoin Wallet automatically. Its secure and safe.
  • a Bitcoin wallet will always have a public address. the public address is what you give to people or input into websites to get paid/receive Bitcoin always always double check you input this correctly!
  • A Bitcoin wallet will always have a private address or key this allows you to pay and authorize and recover your money keep this secret and safe offline. a paper wallet does this and a TREZOR does this beautifully
  • when you buy Bitcoin or get paid in Bitcoin the seller gets your public address and deposits using that address
  • when you pay someone Bitcoin you get their public address and send Bitcoin to them Always double check you input this address correctly!

HOW TO ACCEPT BTC FOR BUSINESS  Basic guide Staff pick easy read 2017

Business owner?

let people know you ACCEPT Bitcoin!

Place a Bitcoin sticker on your door and register. You will be glad you did! Buy Bitcoin stickers and signage here

Peer to peer networks are the simplest and only avenue for Hawaii residents.

Learn how to accept Bitcoin for your business.

A good start is Getting an account here at Many businesses use this service as a wallet, payroll system, and exchange. Most importantly it easy To accept payments and your customers to pay. This same wallet lets you connect directly to a debit card or bank account.

The world is changing and Electronic currencies based on block-chain technology will be the norm in a very short time.

HOW TO Spend Bitcoin  Basic guide Staff pick easy read 2017
  • Whether you are online or in-person at a store you will need access to your Wallet app on your phone..
  • Most likely you will using a variety of cryptos at a store. Not just BTC. In Fact the best cryptos for everyday transactions  are often cited by experts as; LTC, DASH,and BCH.
  • when you are asked to pay you will be given the stores public wallet address
  • you will go on your phone and input the amount of Bitcoin you are paying
  • You will then input the stores public address and click "send"
  • Thats it! expect to wait 5-10 minutes for confirmation and you are done!
  • there are other crypto Currencies which have faster confirmation times read our articles about this!

HOW TO Accept Bitcoin  Basic guide Staff pick easy read 2017
  • Sign up for and Enter your Localbtc wallet
  • show the person paying you your wallets public address key (there will be a few options to do this)
  • never show your private address key
  • the person paying you will send wait for confirmation and done!!